eButler is the ultimate lifestyle management system for up-scale apartment and condominium complexes. From scheduling a massage at the local parlor to requesting your car from valet, eButler has you covered. While the end-users get the convenience of eButler, the complex has the option to generate revenue from eButler with built-in support for Local Advertising and Geo-Marketing.
The eButler software is installed on-site and is platform independent to maximize compatibility with your existing computing infrastructure.

The eButler system facilitates residence, schedule and service-provider management via an intuitive and user-friendly browser-based web administration system. The browser-based interface supports multiple user roles to give the administrator, valet attendant and each service provider a unique view of the system that is custom tailored to their needs. Custom Netlinx software running on the resident's AMX controller allows the user to create appointments and requests with the service providers as well as get up-to-date weather forecasts, live video streaming and intercom/instant messaging to the concierge all at the touch of a button.

Whether you are looking to save money, make money, add an enticing offering to your new development or simply provide the best you can for your residents, contact us to discuss our unique licensing model and how eButler can work for you.

Key Features

  • Scalable, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • 100% platform independent core
  • Extremely flexible licensing model
  • Revenue Generation
  • Extensible for custom tailoring
  • System Features
    • Live Video Streaming
    • Messaging System
    • Integrated valet system
    • Live weather forecast
    • Event scheduling
  • Unified Administration Portal
    • Resident management
    • Service provider management
    • Schedule management
  • AMX Controller integration
    • Live updates and alerts
    • Valet
    • Messaging
    • Intercom
    • Video streams
    • Weather
    • Scheduling and Service requests