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Human Origins

Based on decades of cutting-edge research by Smithsonian scientists, the David H. Koch Hall of Human Origins in the Museum of Natural History will tell the epic story of human evolution and how humans evolved over six million years in response to a changing world. Following the process of scientific discovery, visitors will explore the evidence for human evolution, come face-to-face with unforgettable representations of early humans, and arrive at a deeper understanding of what it means to be human.

On March 17, 2010, the Museum marked its 100th anniversary on the National Mall with the public opening of our newest exhibition hall – the David H. Koch Hall of Human Origins.



The Grammy Museum

The Grammy Museum's 30,000 square feet of cutting edge experiences, films, and exhibits offer an exciting, multimedia, and interactive celebration of the power of music. This one-of-a-kind visitor experience is engaging, educational, celebratory, and inspirational.  Vibrant sound and imagery intermingle in the many different viewing spaces found within the museum. The moment the elevator doors open, you are fully immersed in the GRAMMY experience. A hallway of music welcomes you.



Sant Ocean Hall (Smithsonian)

The Sant Ocean Hall (http://ocean.si.edu/about/about-sant-ocean-hall) is the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History's largest exhibit, providing visitors with a unique and breathtaking introduction to the majesty of the ocean. With over 600 specimens, artifacts, and models; large photo murals; and computer and mechanical interactives, this exhibit interprets the ocean as the source and sustainer of all life.  Visitors entering the 23,000-square-foot exhibition will see a precise replica of a 45-foot-long North Atlantic Right Whale, named Phoenix, who has been tracked by scientists since her birth in 1987, and a giant squid — so rarely seen that a living squid was not caught on camera until 2004. A unique underwater experience is created by "Ocean Odyssey," a high-definition film by renowned underwater cinematographer Feodor Pitcairn.  This film uses 12 WatchOut computer-based media servers to provide the source material for a high-definition film that wraps the Hall's high bay walls in images of underwater life using Sony's new 4K projection system.


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