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Jimmy Carter Presidential Museum

The Museum of the Jimmy Carter Library includes photographs and historical memorabilia from the Carter presidency (1976 - 1981). An exact replica of the Oval Office and gifts received by the Carters are also featured. A permanent exhibit of significant events occurring during Jimmy Carter's life and political career includes photographs with interpretative text.

From a fully interactive touch-table that pairs live projection with user-activated navigation, to a 6-panel projector-supplied rotunda, the Museum delivers historic materials through cutting-edge technology. Thirteen projectors and dozens of LCD monitors deliver active imagery from numerous periods of Jimmy Carter’s life.

With over 70,000 square feet of museum showcase space and research facility, the Carter Library and Museum includes numerous new exhibits of note that employ advanced projection and control equipment. A large rotunda serves as the centerpiece to the museum, where mpeg players in unison run on six 13-foot-tall, vertically oriented screens to display “A Day in the Life” of Carter’s presidential responsibilities. The presentation depicts a day’s activities from early morning until the end of day through video clips, photographs, sound recordings and news footage. Accenting this show are four 65” LCD screens, positioned below the large projector-illuminated screens, creating an encompassing, 10-image synchronized show. Featuring 3 AMX Netlinx masters linked to control all audio, video and interactive games with a customized variable schedule managed by the Barron Systems Master Scheduler.  Master Scheduler runs on a dedicated PC and communicates the scheduling information for the entire facility over a network connection.