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Barron System's Master Scheduler software is a Windows PC software application that allows end users to remotely configure multiple remote AMX master controllers, and thus any shows and exhibits running on those masters.

Coupled with custom AMX programming by Barron Systems, our Master Scheduler software allows end users to modify their schedules at their convenience using an interface they are already familiar with! 

Are you in a position where:
  • your hours change seasonally?
  • you can't afford to pay for custom AMX programming every time your schedule needs to change?
  • you have custom exhibits that require changing showtimes?
  • you want to have 1 central schedule, and want all of your exhibits to run on this schedule.
  • you would like to configure your own events and schedules from a Windows PC?
Then Barron System's Master Scheduler software is for you!

In a similar fashion that you can configure your business appointments in Microsoft Outlook, you can now schedule and configure:
  • what event you would like to run
  • at what time
  • on demand!
If you have multiple master controllers in your system, you may elect to use 1 standard schedule for multiple AMX Master's.

Key Features
No need for reprogramming of AMX Master Controllers
  • Just reconfigure times and schedules
  • Change in museum hours? Summer Hours? Winter Hours? No problem!
  • 10 master controllers.
  • 100 events per day.

Do you have a need specific to your project or industry? We own the source and the nature of our business is customization
  • Need more available events?
  • Need to control more master controllers?
  • Something else?
We built it! We own it! Just Ask! Barron Systems is your complete solutions provider!

System Requirements
  • Windows XP SP2, Vista, Windows 7
  • 1GB RAM
  • 200 MB available hard drive space
  • .NET Framework v3.5

Use Case and Architecture