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NABC (National Association of Basketball Coaches) and CBE (College Basketball Experience)

Live-action, interactive exhibits, graphics, and integrated lighting to immerse fans of all ages into the passion and pageantry of college basketball. The College Basketball Experience brings the sport to life on full-size courts with real hoops and permanent "games" scripted, programmed and engineered for high throughput, limited staffing and maintenance, and ultimate reliability. The National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame occupies approximately one-third of the College Basketball Experience and will compliment the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame by enshrining great coaches, players and teams who deserve recognition but may be omitted from Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame.

Key Features:

  • 6 dedicated AMX Netlinx masters linked to control all audio, video and interactive games.
  • Schedules for all 6 AMX master controllers are controlled by Barron Systems Master Scheduler ™ software.
    • Master Scheduler runs on a dedicated PC and communicates the scheduling information for the entire facility over a network connection.