Control System Development

Areas of Expertise
  • Commercial - We work extensively in developing control systems for corporate boardrooms, presentation rooms, videoconferencing suites and distance learning rooms for schools and even hospital operating rooms.
  • Residential - We specialize in complete home integration solutions that include home theaters, whole-house audio and video, media streaming, as well as environmental management.
  • Custom Solutions - We have substantial experience in developing unique one-of-a-kind solutions such as those used in museum exhibits.
Our Approach
Our distinctive approach to providing you with best possible service is without comparison in the industry. We will work closely with your company to provide resources that allow you to shine in front of your clients. This proven method of doing business offers many advantages and it increases your system solution potential immediately. Systems designed by Barron Systems use the latest in remote control technology to seamlessly integrate all the latest technology found throughout your home or corporate facility. Using sophisticated hardware and software solutions, we provide you with the capability to manage today’s technology with ease. Our solutions give you instant access to powerful, well-designed solutions that meet all the control requirements you may have.
Outsourcing Complicated Tasks Works
We believe that every organization does certain tasks better than others, and by working with a control system expert such as Barron Systems, your company can focus on its strengths. By outsourcing the task of developing the control system you no longer have to worry about that part of the job. This approach allows you to better spend your time concentrating on what you do best, knowing that the control system is in good hands. You can begin to explore markets that may not have been available before and know that no job is too big to handle. Our approach is simple. We provide you with the timely and reliable service at rates much lower than you would expect. Our approach is to work with you on the project from the inception through the completion. We take your ideas about how the system should work and turn those ideas into reality. We not only develop the software required, we also can act as another set of checks and balances to review your system, ensuring the integrity of your system and client interfaces. For clients in the local markets, we take this inclusive approach one step further by including onsite support with the project just as if we were part of your company. This interaction reduces problems and allows us to utilize time wisely to greatly decrease project completion schedules.

Complete System Design

Unique perspective
Because of our unique relationship with many system integrators we have been exposed to a wide variety of approaches to system design. We have seen designs that work and many that don’t. We can use that experience to give you the best design possible within the specified budget. We have experience designing residential lighting systems, whole house audio systems and custom home theaters. Whether you want something simple like a big screen TV with a wireless remote to a complex multi-room system with streaming audio and video throughout the house we can find the best solution for you.
Cutting Edge and Innovative Technology
In the corporate realm Patrick has years of training and exposure to videoconferencing systems. While working for GTE he was on the design team that implemented a videoconferencing solution to link schools around the country. This solution was unparalleled at the time for the ease of use and control options available. The Captivate system was an industry first for how it packaged a standard control interface with a variety of different hardware components and several options on the configuration. This concept has been copied many times over, but the designer behind that solution is available to help your company put together the best solution for any given project.
Industry Certifications, Training and Education
We strive to stay current with the latest technology available. Knowledge is crucial to being able to provide the best service so rest assured that you are dealing with a university degreed professional when you contact Barron Systems.